Black With Green Plant

What does this post title have to do with anything?? Hell if I know,


but I liked the kitchen.

Book Shelves


Something we as kitchen designers sometimes over look, the bookshelves… Well at least I do. This is a great example of a bookshelf/room divider.
It is a nice way to leave a room with an open feel but still supply much needed storage in an artful way.

The Largest Big Drawer

The look that this drawer gets is very nice. The only issue is your pulling out 2 (count them) 90cm drawers loaded with pots, pans and plates. I would think this could get a touch heavy but sometimes we just have to have those slllllleeeeeeeekkkkkk lines.

The cook top on this kitchen was 40″. Great for tall folks, but not very practical for shorties.



I love the way this cooktop integrates into the stainless top. The only issue, the top is chest height, for anyone under 5′6″ damn!

Throw A Curve?

This is a kitchen that I just found today. I had ignored it, but, after a second look it made the post parade. I like the curves (duh). I even like the extra long grissini bread sticks. They are a meal not a snack in this kitchen.

Galley Me 2

Yes I know I have not been posting…So here we go again Hipsters. This is the next shot of the Galley Me post below. I can really see this as a cool large under counter storage area. I like the openess and the easy access to plates, glasses and pots and pans. Thoughts? Anyone…. Bueller?

Barn Or Farm?


This one is very popular in Europe somewhere. I think it is in the European Union, but the name of the country cannot be pronounced by English speakers.

You Might Begin To Notice A Change

  • Author: Fred
  • Filed under: Events
  • Date: Jan 24, 2013

Hi Kitchen Hipsters. I am starting to make a few platform changes to the blog. All the posts will remain. Butttttt….. I am going to be adding some video and other changes in the background. I don’t think you will notice but thought you should know what was up.

As you know we are always very transparent…….huh?

Galley Me

There is something about this kitchen and I cannot put my finger on it. It could go to a great galley kitchen in a condo with just a few bumps and grinds.

Landing Lights

This is a wonderful mood kitchen that can be used for romantic evenings. I can also be used as a landing zone when you come home after having one to many drinks. You can run into the kitchen and dive on the counter top. The lights will help you find your way home. All that is needed is a nubby blanket and a pillow. PS dont leave the cook top on or the water running.

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