I might have problems with kids mistaking this for a skate ramp. Otherwise it is a pretty cool idea for a very progressive kitchen display.


is another shot of the ALNO Slate kitchen from the other day.


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  • Date: Dec 15, 2011

As you can well imagine, from my earlier posts, I might speak a little more German than I am letting on. I understand about 1/5th of what is being said by these guys but I think I get the basics of what they are telling me. This shot is of a rather cool kitchen display. You may be wondering what those big deep purple things are on the counter top? Well my understanding is that they are part of a rather secret breeding program. The company is developing giant grapes! Each grape can feed a family of 4.


I probably should not even be posting this but what the hell right? Look for these in your market next September! Click the comment button if you are interested in becoming a beta tester for these wonderful giant grapes!

Wild Island

I have no idea what home this would go in. Maybe Bud’s new apartment in the movie Wall Street? I looked for an oven or a refrigerator but couldn’t find either of them. The new sushi machine must be in one of the rear tall units?
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Here Is A Little Red Vent Hood

This goes with the post from a few days ago. Its the complimentary red lit vent hood from the kitchen with the red toe kick. Gotta love it!


ALNO With Some Snap

I liked the red/orangey plinth (toe kick) on this kitchen. It is unexpected and adds a little touch of snap to a rather bland but functional display.

ALNO And The Kitchen Aid Mixer

There are times in the kitchen business when a company hits something right. As designers we look at focal points of interest. I have no idea why I am talking about this except its Friday and I am in a mellow mood.
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Soooo I am sitting in my hotel in Germany and who knocks on my door but ALNO. One of the largest kitchen manufacturers in the world! They have an invitation, in hand,
for free drinks, lunch and a tour of the ALNO mega showroom!! This is one big kitchen as you can see. You could probably store a large family of 5 in the drawers. Really, I mean it, the drawers of almost any German or Italian kitchen will hold about 50lbs of small kids or kitchen utensils. Not sure if the family dog will stand for it though.
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Zeyko Handles

You have to have handles to open walnut drawers

Zeyko Lacquer Doors


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