Poggenpohl Strikes Back

  • Author: Fred
  • Filed under: Events
  • September 27, 2012


Poggenpohl, as we all now know, has lost a bunch of core staff to Alno. I visited their showroom in Germany last week and in my opinion they are having some design troubles. I am not speaking as “the competition” but as a blogger who is observant. This kitchen from the 60s or the 70s was part of their display.

I think their deal with Porsche has put a ton of financial pressure on the company. The Porsche kitchens have not sold well as they are super expensive. Poggenpohl is also obligated, by their agreement, to purchase parts from Porsche which are being stored rather than used.

OUCH! Anyway the Poggenpohl show this year was on the sad side. They were not showing much in the way of new kitchens or design improvements. I have always

looked forward to visiting their factory showroom but this year was less than stellar.

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