I LOVE this Calacatta marble. Yes people I know that it has been done before by many others. That shouldn’t stop you. This stuff picks up all the colors of the kitchen and more. I wouldn’t use it every time in every kitchen. BUT…. if your going for a simple door style this marble works great!

A New Dawn



This is one very cool firebox unit. It is made of stainless steel. It needs no exterior venting and it runs on biofuel!!  There is a nice and neat fuel box below the flame. All you have to do is build a fireplace facing around the unit and light it up. It can sit in the middle of the room or be placed in an existing wall area.
The unit pictured here is in our kitchen showroom with a false wall surround. Ecosmart assured me that the panels would not burst into flames. I don’t leave it on for very long. These panels are wood so I am very careful.
I would suggest using a thin slab of quartz or something non-flammable. Caesarstone, Pental or Silestone might be a good for this usage.

What Have You Been Looking For?

If you have been checking out this site you probably will have noted that there have been no posts since May of 2013. I have been using another site No more!! The owner of that site or I should say the developer of the site LOST the majority of my posts. They let the name style laps. Talk about a holy shit moment for me. I had begged them to fix the site and they ignored me for over 2 months. OK water under the bridge or over the dam. We are off on a new journey..