The Largest Big Drawer

The look that this drawer gets is very nice. The only issue is your pulling out 2 (count them) 90cm drawers loaded with pots, pans and plates. I would think this could get a touch heavy but sometimes we just have to have those slllllleeeeeeeekkkkkk lines.

The cook top on this kitchen was 40″. Great for tall folks, but not very practical for shorties.



I love the way this cooktop integrates into the stainless top. The only issue, the top is chest height, for anyone under 5′6″ damn!

Throw A Curve?

This is a kitchen that I just found today. I had ignored it, but, after a second look it made the post parade. I like the curves (duh). I even like the extra long grissini bread sticks. They are a meal not a snack in this kitchen.

Galley Me 2

Yes I know I have not been posting…So here we go again Hipsters. This is the next shot of the Galley Me post below. I can really see this as a cool large under counter storage area. I like the openess and the easy access to plates, glasses and pots and pans. Thoughts? Anyone…. Bueller?