Barn Or Farm?


This one is very popular in Europe somewhere. I think it is in the European Union, but the name of the country cannot be pronounced by English speakers.

You Might Begin To Notice A Change

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  • Date: Jan 24, 2013

Hi Kitchen Hipsters. I am starting to make a few platform changes to the blog. All the posts will remain. Butttttt….. I am going to be adding some video and other changes in the background. I don’t think you will notice but thought you should know what was up.

As you know we are always very transparent…….huh?

Galley Me

There is something about this kitchen and I cannot put my finger on it. It could go to a great galley kitchen in a condo with just a few bumps and grinds.

Landing Lights

This is a wonderful mood kitchen that can be used for romantic evenings. I can also be used as a landing zone when you come home after having one to many drinks. You can run into the kitchen and dive on the counter top. The lights will help you find your way home. All that is needed is a nubby blanket and a pillow. PS dont leave the cook top on or the water running.



This was an interesting way to pop a kitchen with bland doors. Use crayon colors and yahoo instant pop!!! We saw this a few posts ago but not to this extent. I like it, but it could wear out after a few years. Then we sell you another kitchen. Hey this is a great idea!!!!!! Crayons for everyone!!

I Like This Detail


I thought this was a pretty cool and simple detail. The architect used a very plain panel to create a very useful shelf. The kitchen, in my opinion, could have been juiced up with some

different colors but it does work. I would have also picked something other than Grandma Jones kitchen handle from the 1920’s.

Have You Been Waiting Long?

Ok sorry I should have produced this shot this morning. But the day got away from me…..THIS is the other side of the kitchen….




This is the family use side of a pretty simple kitchen. The funny part about this kitchen? This is the best look of the whole thing. I really love the way the architect has included a seating area with a simple wooden bench and a low eye line book shelf/storage unit to soften the design. In tomorrows post, Kitchen Hipsters, we will see the other side of the kitchen…….

The Longest Drawer In the Show

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  • Date: Jan 11, 2013


This was an interesting idea. The company took 2 drawer systems and applied 1 drawer panel…The look was very clean and
horizontal. The downside was you had to open up a rather huge drawer every time you wanted something. ….


Hipsters you will have to look closely to get all the very simple design points at work here. When you figure them out let me know……I like this but it would have to be in the right situation.

One problem with minimal homes and kitchens? Every thing has to be perfect because even the smallest perfection is a glaring error. Contemporary or modern is the toughest type of construction to do well.


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