Kitchen Aid And All


This is the other end of the kitchen posted below. It gives you a better view of the entertainment end of the kitchen. The family style table and the Kitchen Aid refrigerator and wine chiller.

I think this appeals to me because it can be used as a comfortable galley style kitchen or a really huge show island kitchen that opens to a family area. The framed French doors, give us a peek at the outdoors. This causes my imagination wander, with dreams of a wonderful small backyard space or a large expansive lawn and swimming pool.

One Of The Best Kitchen Ideas

Sometimes ideas take us just where we want to go. This particular kitchen did that for me. Note the French doors and how the kitchen wraps around them. It brings the outside in but in a subtle way. There is open space above, for the “stuff”that we want to see. There is also storage for the “stuff” we want to hide. The huge American style refrigerator is in the “show” position. We even have an oversized island for cooking and entertaining. There is also family style table at the end of the island. The designer has even thought enough about this to put two side by side ovens right where we want them.


The Boring Part


If I had to wake up to this kitchen each day I would want to replace it after 1 year. One wall is well done and has some life. The area shown here just does not have anything going for it! The End

Wood Is Good

If you look carefully at the major portion of this kitchen, it is BORING. We are looking at the best part of this kitchen. This table and the upper soffit are made of wood. The wood accent goes a long way towards making this a better kitchen. At the end of the day? If you put in this kitchen you should think about A LOT MORE WOOD!!!!!


Back To The Lumber


As I think I have said before and maybe yet again before that. My memory stinks. Anyhow, I really like to integrate wood counter tops in with contemporary/modern kitchens. Not all contemporary/modern kitchens work with wood but sometimes it really can make the picture complete.

Kitchen Entertainment Integration

This is an example of kitchen entertainment center integration. To much for some perfect for others. The Europeans use elements, in this case panels and base cabinets, to integrate the kitchen design into the family entertainment area. Designers have finally woken up to the fact that when entertaining, people love to congregate in the kitchen. I don’t know if it means we all want first dibs on the food or if we just feel good taking and interacting with the cook during a party. See the shadow peeking around the corner? Ok not my best example but you get the idea?


Vent Hood On Cables

This may look like an ordinary big assed over-sized light over a counter top? Nope. It, my friends, is a vent hood. Kinda cool huh?
The really cool part? It is room venting. There is a filter inside the unit that cleans the air and then vents it back into the room. So you can bring it into a loft, home or apartment and put it anywhere. Thus, no need for a contractor to run ducting in the ceiling. You just hang it and wire into an electrical outlet. Instant kitchen vent hood.


I Liked The Wall


Cabinet On A Stick 2


Don’t get excited, this is just another view of the cabinets on a stick.

Cabinets On A Stick


Note the center island. I like some things about this. I think it adds to the space and makes the room look a little large. So this would work in a smaller kitchen or space where you JUST HAVE TO HAVE an island. Some clients want it no matter how it will look.

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