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  • Date: Nov 27, 2012


And…….here is the unscared front side with the protective panel on the back. Seeeee no unsightly scratches!!! Way cool!


  • Author: Fred
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  • Date: Nov 27, 2012

Sometimes its the simple ideas that are the best. This may look like a simple glass door to you but hell no! The folks at Leicht put a panel in the backside of their glass

doors!! Why you say, as you scratch you head, is the Hipster all fired up? Well… the panel stops the face of the glass from getting nicked by pots, plates and utensils inside the cabinet. Thus showing through


to the front side…..Cool huh?

Ceramic Texture


What can I say about texture? I like the smooth yet subtle appeal of the matte glass door finish and the smooth glass counter top. The appeal comes with the change to the textured ceramic finish. You cannot get this look with granite, marble or Caesarstone/Silestone/Cambria. Feast your eyes!

Back To Blue With The Cool Ceramic Top

Here Hipsters is the close up of the blue glass (with no unsightly scaring due to the new door style)!!! Also as a double bonus? The really great ceramic top. I think it is the really nice texture that appeals to me.




This kitchen may not be for everyone. I for one think it is a beauty!! The glass coupled with a really wonderful counter top( which you will see in the next post) makes for a great look



I bet you thought I forgot about THE WARM GREY? Nope little hipsters here is the warmth in all of its loveliness. Most greys just don’t work but a warm grey can really give you that

“Damn Gertie Girl I really like waking up knowing why we spent the money on this new fangled European kitchen!”

Do none of you know how to comment? Orrrrrrr , am I boring you so badly that your resorting to the silent treatment by not using the COMMENT BUTTON? Ok I get it

I will just keep posting and weeping silently here at Kitchen Hip Central…………

High Density Laminate


his stuff is pretty cool the only thing it will not take is high direct heat so it isn’t idoit proof. It comes in a great new color from Germany..What is it your asking? A warm grey!! Why is this so cool Kitchen Hipsters? Because the Germans have finally woken up to warmth in their grey tones. Now your grey kitchen will not look like a cold place but a beautifully sleek WARM contemporary grey kitchen. That my hipsters is news and a great reason to run not walk down to your local Leicht kitchen store and buy buy buy!!! Damn, I hate it when I can’t control myself…..

Retro Bar

So if you come home at 6pm and your nerves are a little tense??.. …Your wife/partner has installed something new on the wall. “WHAT IN THE HELL is that” you say? Well open it your wife/partner says!!! BBBBUUT we are on a budget! DAMN!

Ahhhh The Moment That Refreshes


Say it with love!!! Thanks.. I needed this dear!!!

Alice/Fred In Wonderland

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  • Date: Nov 1, 2012


OK I am not Alice but this is how you enter wonderland. As I have said in the prior post the “castle” was beautiful. It is still owned by the same family. I know I have to be kidding right? Nope.

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