Idea For Seating


This is not super new but it is something that needed a showing. The dining area is located between the island and the back wall. It does close off the island traffic, but you are able to seat guests and family close to the cooking area. In this way no one will ever miss a meal and hot food will always be at your finger tips!!!

New Dividers

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  • Date: Oct 30, 2012


These are the new dividers from Leicht. They are a very nice option. The wood panels have a pair of set screws that tightens the panel to the wooden platform. Once they are tightened they hold very well. They can also be unscrewed. This makes it easy to change configurations. It also gives you more options as your kitchen matures and you buy more pots, plates and pans.

God knows we all need more stuff!!

Double Wow

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  • Date: Oct 30, 2012


This was the entrance to one of the most interesting kitchen and bath displays I have ever seen. It was located in an old castle surrounded by a moat! There were 15 groups of presenters, including Miele, Blanco, Warendorf (This used to be Miele’s kitchen cabinet company), Allmilmo and a cast of thousands!!!

If you can’t find a reason to comment on this group I will lose all hope that you are really reading this blog.

Who Is This Guy??


This guy showed up on one of the tours. No one knew who he was. I am pretty sure he was a coffee cup designer. He spent the better part of an hour explaining how wonderful his new cup handle was. I don’t know about you KITCHEN HIPSTERS but I couldn’t care less about the mathematics of a coffee cup handle and I really didn’t see much of a change from last years display. I was really pretty bored but didn’t want to miss the buffet table and the booze so I kept my mouth shut.

Close Up Of The Kitchen Sink

Ok, its a slow day, but… I really loved the way this looked. We don’t see this detail often in the good ole US of A so hipsters here it is!!! As always guys and gals leave me a comment get an answer!! USE THE COMMENT BUTTON…damn

The Kitchen Sink

I thought this was a very cool detail. The counter top material comes right down to the sink note the line!!

Todays Twofer.

I am feeling very generous today. So I am going to give you two shots rather than making you wait with panting for more. This is almost open. The blind system can be 1800mm wide (74″ + – ) and 1200mm (50″ +-) tall. The system is operated with a handy little touch clicker that you can store close by. If the dog eats it your out of luck. At least until Fed Ex comes with the replacement. The very sparkey lights come in seperate boxes. Do not ask me where they come from as I don’t know.

This Is What the Hell It Is…

This is the closed version of the Venetian blind system that is new this year from Leicht. Most people in the USA have no idea that the new colors for this year are orange and yellow. You can also throw in a spattering of soft purple… Just saying…

What In The Hell Is That?

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  • Date: Oct 17, 2012


Soooo your asking what is this? More will be revealed as we go along. Looks like a venetian window system doesn’t it? Well

its NOT guess again???

And Again

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  • Date: Oct 15, 2012


I caught a man at prayer in the back of this shot. He was so blown away that he dropped to his seat and said “thank you” I guess I went to far? He did like it though.

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