Island Light

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  • Date: Sep 28, 2012


I may have posted this before but so what it is pretty cool. In my humble op it needs yet another post. I will show you tomorrow how it looks over the island on your new Kitchen Hip kitchen. Don’t forget Kitchen Hipsters we do design and install great kitchens!!! (a little ad for us)

I know most of you are shy and have not been able to press or find the comment button. It is really ok to comment. I don’t bite and I do answer questions pretty quickly.


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  • Date: Sep 28, 2012


OK I know February is really our birthday but I just felt like celebrating the day!! I can’ believe I have been doing this blog for 4 years! Any comments on the wonderfulness of us are greatly appreciated. I know that we have been an unbelievable source of enjoyment for you and we just make your day (oh boy).

OK I will stop before you stop decide to hate comment me to death.

Besides Hipsters this isn’t a real birthday cake. It is a wedding cake from a site called check them out they are cool!

Poggenpohl Strikes Back

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  • Date: Sep 27, 2012


Poggenpohl, as we all now know, has lost a bunch of core staff to Alno. I visited their showroom in Germany last week and in my opinion they are having some design troubles. I am not speaking as “the competition” but as a blogger who is observant. This kitchen from the 60s or the 70s was part of their display.

I think their deal with Porsche has put a ton of financial pressure on the company. The Porsche kitchens have not sold well as they are super expensive. Poggenpohl is also obligated, by their agreement, to purchase parts from Porsche which are being stored rather than used.

OUCH! Anyway the Poggenpohl show this year was on the sad side. They were not showing much in the way of new kitchens or design improvements. I have always

looked forward to visiting their factory showroom but this year was less than stellar.


Ok Hipsters I have returned with shots of some of the most beautiful kitchens currently produced in Europe.
The first up is a new shutter system that demands your attention. Each unit up to 1800mm (71″ for you in the USA) is operable.
The panels are really nice as they can be done it wood, laquer, laminate etc etc. The other wonderful part is the aluminum shelf system which can be lit with LEDs!!!!!

Leicht Not New But Cool

Ok here is something that I promised. A new kitchen. Better late than you know the rest


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  • Date: Sep 4, 2012

Well ok kitchen hippers. I have been neglecting my post as the Kitchen Hip King Geek. I am sorry for letting you down. I could make all kinds of sappy excuses like ” the dog died” or it peed on my

homework. The simple truth is I did not go to the Milan kitchen show! It is the place where I get most of my inspiration for this blog. I am however going to Germany in September to become renewed again.

I will start posting tomorrow. Honest!