No Idea

Have you ever taken a photo and then wondered about why in the heck you took it? This is one of those shots.

Remember The Pink

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  • Date: Feb 28, 2012

Ok Kitchen Hipsters remember the “pink guy” post from a few months ago? If not don’t worry I don’t remember much about him either. Anyway this is where his brother makes kitchens. Remarkable huh? :)


Red Animals

I like this kitchen but I am not sold on the primitive nasty red animals. The combination of white and red is a real eye-catcher. The one eyed primitive animals may be just a little to edgy for my morning coffee. Just sayin….but then again it could work.

Black Is Back

Just a nice little black kitchen. I like black gloss but when you think about it they are a bitch to clean over and over again. You know what kitchen geeks. I am retracting that last statement.This baby isn’t black gloss now that I look closely. It is a very dark wood. Ok I like it!

Spin It Baby

This is kind of cool… a kitchen that spins. Who in the hell doesn’t need a spinning kitchen? I wonder how this works with kids? I think the lady has thrown herself on the floor, kicking her legs and is having a mental breakdown. My guess is someone spun this kitchen one to many times and all of her stuff ended up on the hardwood. I think she was using the drill to anchor it to the floor so she won’t have to clean up the mess again. Just a thought.

Kitchen ON

You Geeks have to love this stuff!! I could go on for hours about the fun you could have with this baby!!! ALNO used to offer a door system where you could take your favorite photos and put them on your kitchen. Impregnated into the paint! Very cool except nobody bought it!! Great fantasy bad reality…..Ooooppssss new CEO

Kitchen OFF


This Kitchen Has To Get A RESPONSE


I could live and die right in this kitchen. I even like the goofy round fish bowl on the dining room table!!! Talk about a fun place to live. Cook by the pool, read a book and hang out with friends if you guys don’t like this you have some Kitchen Geek SCREWS loose!

Back To Kitchens

I love the thin line of the vent hood. Old idea…but it makes me happy! Yes… I have been working to hard and I am cracking myself up.


More and More and …..

You know dear sweet readers, YOU, can press the comment button any time you like. What do you think of me offering to post kitchen shots from readers? Anybody Bueller? This is the part where you the reader says “HEY!! Kitchen Hip Geek Guy we (the readers) would love to see some of our kitchens posted…except don’t post any rotten stuff. You Kitchen Hip Geek Guy can judge what goes on your blog!!!”

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