Roll It Out

Roll out cabinets..I like them but things do move around when they are slammed.

Men Telling Men Open Shelves Are Cool

Here we have an example of a group of German guys standing around telling each other that open shelves are cool. They even have live plants something that you almost never see in any real home. These guys even have open shelves that roll out so that you can water the plants away from the kitchen and not stain the cabinets!

Women Hate Them

Open shelves. ALL WOMEN HATE THEM! Why? They are soooo very cool. The husband says….All your neat pots and pans can be displayed. Dishes and copper things all should be shown according to most men surveyed. End of the open shelves in the USA…Ok maybe a couple just to show the goodies.

Pot Thing

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  • Date: Jan 31, 2012

This was left on the counter at one of the Haus Faire displays. We spent about an hour trying to figure out what it was. The group finally decided it was a space age radiator. It keeps your cooking and cutting hands warm on those cold days of winter.

I didn’t tell anyone but I think it is a pot trivet.


Radioactive Isotopes

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  • Date: Jan 25, 2012

Those Germans think of everything. Here is your basic radioactive isotope storage system for your kitchen. We all have isotopes around the house and you can never be to careful! Another idea you might want to consider if you have already gotten rid of your radioactive stuff? How about spice storage?


Last Fun For Today


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No Funny Comments

I just really liked this kitchen. No comments just enjoy!

Bob The Horse Guy

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  • Date: Jan 24, 2012

As you can imagine I meet lots of interesting people at kitchen showrooms around the world. The guy with the funny hat is Bob. He was guarding a Leicht showroom in London. You can see that it was drawing a big crowd. See all the people in the background (that is the showroom).


They are checking out the new Liebherr refrigerators on display. Bob and his horse Roy showed me around the new Leicht displays. Roy seems to know more than most appliance dealers about Liebherr refrigerators. Roy did make a mess of the showroom but Bob and I cleaned it up.

The Last Again


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