Twofer Friday Wall Shots


View From the Sink

This always is a nice view. You get to see the details close up! Take note of the countertop nice and thin.

The Wall Part 4 or 5

Here is another view of the WALL. It is well thought out, as are all of the items in SieMatic product line. I dont know how they do it but all their finishes have warm tones even the greys. Figure that out!
Very cool look!

SieMatic Anther Look

Here is yet another look at the wall system.

SieMatic Wall

Here is a better shot of the WALL! As you can see in this photo the shelf system is very nice and it adds a ton of interest to the room.


This is a great new product offered by SieMatic. It is an integrated wall system. See it on the left side of the photo? I really like this for a number of reasons. The cool factor is way up there and it is a very visual way to bring your family entertainment area into your kitchen. The system is very simple to use. So planning and installation? Its a snap!

Looks Like Wood

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  • Date: Oct 21, 2011


I was so used to laminates looking like poor quality photos put on glossy pieces of laminate that I was DONE with laminates forever!! BUT WAIT!!! Now laminates are honestly and truly looking like wood. Holy Crap!! I have caught myself choosing door samples for customers and showing them laminates!!! What has happened you might be saying??? Ok, here is the deal. Laminates companies have now caught up and their stuff looks real and there is structure to it. Its no longer a wood world people the laminates are here and some of them are reallllllyyyy good!!!

Esprit Door By Leicht

This is a door that I had not given much thought. On second glance it is pretty cool with the colors Leicht is offering. Plus you can get it in RAL which means 10,000 colors are available. In a brown it has some real depth. The green door that is shown here is a very nice door in person. The nice thing is that at a distance the color carries very well but up close you get a nice texture without it looking corny or cheap. Another plus is that you can order full panels and use it as an accent piece or backsplash.

Leicht Concept

This is something that we have in our showroom. I really like the structure and the concept behind this kitchen. The lower base units are 710mm deep. The upper units are easily accessed and handy. Its nice to be able to take the dishes out the the dishwasher, lift up the door and slide them in. I know, I know Euro kitchens store their dishes in the drawers below as it is ergonomically correct but the lazy among us just slide them in.
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Don’t You Love PopUp Faucets!!!

See how easy this can be!! To hide the sink push the faucet down and slide the sink cover closed again and damn all of lifes problems should be so simple!!!
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