Now You Must Have Imagination!!

Think of the sliding wall cabinet portion of the wall. Are you thinking?? Ok now think of that times 4. The whole tall section of the wall with bi-fold doors!!! Told you I was easy. Ok, ok, I know there are some better systems and some worse. But this is my blog and for today my fun.
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Look The Wall Opens and Slides!!!


Leicht Easy As 1

The next few posts will show you that I am pretty easily amused. I have seen this before but just like the idea of being able to make this wall slllllliiiiiiidddddeee. Plus I like the hanging lamp so this is sort of a re-post except for the cool aspect. As always your comments are welcome so bring it on!

Leicht Haus Faire 1


New Leicht Door Style

This is one of the really cool new doors that is coming out of Germany!!! Laminate facing with a metal edging that sits proud of the face.

This Was Alno’s Last Attempt


Haus Faire News

  • Author: Fred
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  • Date: Sep 23, 2011

Ok… for those of you that care about kitchen news I have a super HOT one for you. The company head of Poggenpohl has moved over to ALNO. This has been around for a while you might be saying. But, what has not really gotten out there is that he has “borrowed” another 4 upper level guys from Poggenpohl and they are moving over to Alno also. Why would they do that you might be saying?? The word from Alno is that they have ignored their world markets for to long. They are really looking to bring the Poggenpohl World Publicity punch to Alno. They feel that the new team is the team needed to make the turn around. Alno has gone from a 1 billion euro company to a 450 million euro company in the past few years. The guys at Alno have to do something as they have been all German all the time and ignored their other markets. Sooo the guys that brought Porsche design to Poggenpohl are now going to be running the Alno Ship.


A New Look From Leicht

ps I am on my way to the German Haus Faire. I will begin with new posts on the 23rd…lots of new kitchens, ideas and door styles from the likes of SieMatic, Poggenpohl, Eggersmann, Alno, etc etc etc………..WOW big fun!!!

Laminate Counter Tops

Arrrgggg I am not sure what is coming over me. I am starting to like laminate counter tops with a metal edges!! Is this wrong? I was pretty sure that maybe, just maybe, you could do a lam top in the 60’s and get away with it. BBBBBut in 2011-12. Someone step up to the comment plate here and let me know your thoughts??????????

Cooking Center

Here is something else that has caught my eye from Leicht. This is their new baking/cooking storage center. Very similar to SieMatic.

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