Big Ass Fan

This is a great product for moving large quantities of air around a large loft or space.


BIG Handles

I am not sure how I feel about this kitchen. I really love the wood but the BIG vertical handles?? Leave some comments let me know your feelings.

Great Kitchen With a Wine Rack

I have always liked the wine rack that Ernestomeda designed for this unit. It is on the left side of the photo. Check it out!

Wood Stainless Ernestomeda

I really enjoy the hard steel and natural feel of wood and how they go together. In this case we have thrown in some lacquer on the uppers but the total combination works. Many other brands such as SieMatic do this very well too.
ps we will try to answer all questions and comments so bring it on!

Top Down View Of Solaris By Ernestomeda

This shot gives a nice view of the Solaris sink/cooktop. Sleek and easy on the eyes. The light is very cool.
As always……ask a question get an answer please comment on what you like or dislike

Ernestomeda Solaris

In the right environment this could be stunning! Nothing in the way of storage but a very high wow factor.
Picture 017

Sometimes We Need Steampunk

I don’t know why I am posting these on a kitchen blog but thought that it might wake you up.

Comment and ask questions!!! Thats why we are here!!!


Concept Cement Panels

Here is an interesting look cement island panels. Whoa….
As always if you have any kitchen questions please feel free to ask or comment.

Anyone For RED



  • Author: Fred
  • Filed under: Stuff
  • Date: Jul 13, 2011

Although we deal with U.S manufacturers they do not seem to get

contemporary design. There is always to much stuff in their designs. They have a wonderful product but they don’t seem able to stop themselves from adding “things”. The last two kitchens are good examples of this.

As always we welcome your comments . We are able to answer almost any questions you may have regarding kitchens or appliances. FIRE AWAY!!

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