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  • Date: Jun 30, 2011


Eggersmann is a German company that always shows some pretty innovative stuff at Haus Faire. This stove top nob configuration is not a world shaker but I like the look. Others have done it Gaggenau has offered it for a long time. I just like the photo and the setup.

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When we are working on designs for loft buildings, for that matter any open floor plan, the separation between the kitchen and living area is always a tough call. This is a pretty good fix as some developers/homeowners want a defining point between kitchen and living.

Seventy Again

Another pretty picture by Ernestomeda. Were do they get the time to grow wheat grass in their kitchens?
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Not Sure

This is something that I don’t get. I can not for the life of me understand why anyone would use this. I get the concept and know that Zaha Hadid did the design. Why you would want it in your house escapes me.

Who Does Not Need An Onion Basket

The good folks at SieMatic keep them coming. This is a shot of an onion basket. It is part of their wall system. You have to like a company who thinks up stuff like this.

The Long View

This is another view of the SE8008. I like the long view almost as much as the wide one. The simple idea that makes this so nice looking is the wood panel back-splash. I adds warmth to a kitchen that clearly needs it. Wood back-splashes can spruce up almost any kitchen or for that matter an entertainment center. We have also used them (structured laminate) on a bath wall over a vanity.

SieMatic Wall Rail Lighting

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  • Date: Jun 22, 2011

This is another cool feature by SieMatic. A wall rail light. It makes those hard to see veggies light up. Plus the system itself is a pretty cool item to show your friends.


SieMatic SE8008

I like this look from SieMatic. They have a very nice blend with the walnut wall structure, the glass cabinets and the base units. There is a real warmth with the colors SieMatic uses. If you check out all their kitchen colors they are able to bring this warmth throughout the brand. I am always hard pressed to find something cold with this brand of kitchens.

Ernestomeda Vent Hood

This is a great view of the ribbed uppers with a great veiw of their vent hood. Nice!

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