Sink Find

  • Author: Fred
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  • Date: Apr 30, 2011


Ok maybe there were 20 items to see at KBIS. This sink base was pretty cool. I don’t have any idea how I can talk someone into using this in their kitchen but I want to give it a try. If your interested send us an email. We will do the design for free…………………….. almost.

Shaws Sink by Rohl

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  • Date: Apr 29, 2011


I have just returned from KBIS (kitchen industry show) what a huge disappointment. There used to be at least 2 halls filled with exciting things to see. This year there was barely one hall and almost nothing to see. It is really hard to watch American kitchen and bath companies send out the same retreads that they have been using for years with little or no innovations. The European shows always break out their best and newest product lines. They are competitive and innovative. What are we, in the USA, doing and where has our spirit gone?

But I did get this new farmhouse sink from Rohl. Deeper and better than ever before!

Sink Systems

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  • Date: Apr 25, 2011


I don’t know if my readers are as fascinated by sink systems as I am but this one is pretty cool. There are some very nice custom sinks out there. Check them out. I will be at KBIS looking for the good ones!

The Details

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  • Date: Apr 23, 2011

I am always checking out a kitchens detailing.


Lineaquattro is one of the best at providing bullet proof construction along with some great details. Check out this counter/stainless detailing.

Lineaquattro Stainless


Lineaquattro Stainless Steel and Laquer

This kitchen got my attention not so much for the great design but for the stainless steel and lacquer combinations used to build it. Yes there will be close up shots to back up my post. The disco lights are not a fan favorite.

The Bucket

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  • Date: Apr 20, 2011

I have wondered about the Italians and their designs. They always have something that on first glance looks out of place or just a little off.


This bucket is one of those things. The weird part is, after a while, what first seems out of place with time becomes kind of pleasing to the eye. Alright its a little large.


This door style by Lineaquattro is beautiful when combined with stainless steel. It is not a new door but it has a structured look that is done by sandblasting the doors wood veneer. The finish is matte but because of the small groves
caused by sandblasting the wood grain it has a very nice depth.

Vacation Time

This is a kitchen that I have held back on posting for a while. It is way out there and I am not sure what its market would be. Any suggestions?

Lineaquattro Bottomless Drawer

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  • Date: Apr 8, 2011


This is something you don’t see everyday. A drawer with a glass bottom. The cool factor is high and it will definitely impress your friends.

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