Leicht Grain Matching

A couple of posts ago I posted a picture of grain matching as done by Leicht. I forgot to show you the whole kitchen.This is the full kitchen. Leicht in my opinion, is one of the best European kitchen companies. Leicht uses color and niche concepts to create a warm kitchen with many focal points and areas of interest.

Euro Old School

I liked this kitchen by Poggenpohl. They did a real “American” look with the big refrigerator etc. All European kitchen companies can do this they just don’t. I think it is because they are into the next contemporary look and the next innovation of interior designs. Its really to bad that our U.S and our local manufacturers don’t get it. They are for the most part producing junk with big table saws
and recreating grandmas kitchen.

Leicht Grain Matching

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  • Date: Nov 24, 2010


The materials on these doors are photo real grain matched. It is a new process for Leicht. It looks and feels like wood. Any wood image can be applied to large areas. I think I would use it in areas where I might use grain matching in a kitchen rather than everywhere. But that is just me.

Leicht Full Height Door Open

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Note the glass fronts on the drawer units,


very nice.

Leicht Full Height Door

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  • Date: Nov 22, 2010

This is something that Leicht offers that I think is pretty cool. Instead of the shorter door that ends at the plinth line this one goes all the way to the floor. Not much you might say but I think it adds a great deal and can make a kitchen look very sleek and contemporary.



This is what Leicht does so well. Great cabinet lighting and good subtle color combinations. I really like the light wells this ads a touch of romance and softens the kitchen.

Leicht Walnut Top

Leicht offers some wonderful wood counter tops. They can really warm up the look of a kitchen as well as provide a good work space.

Leicht Loft

This is the left side of the previous post. It shows the cabinets open with appliances and glasses. Note the inside of the cabinet is done in the same material as the door style.

Leicht Loft Kitchen

This is a great kitchen for a loft or mountain home. The light oak
doors are rough sawn but they have a very smooth feel with no rough edges. The rest of the kitchen appliances are hidden away by the tall cabinets on the left of the shot.

Round Space Saver Kitchen

This was pretty cool as everything you needed to prepair dinner was available.

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