Eggersmann Cold Rolled Steel

This is a one of a kind island. It is done in Cold Rolled Steel. All edges were smooth as glass. Not sure of the cost or weight but was a great show piece.

Eggersmann Sink

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  • Date: Oct 29, 2010

Sink much?


Eggersmann Mats

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  • Date: Oct 27, 2010


Sometimes its the little things that grab our attention. Eggersmann used a mini sports court mat for the interiors of their drawers. Alright maybe I am a little screwy but I thought it was pretty cool!

Eggersmann The Other Side of The Other Side

I know that I could not have guessed that the other side of the other side was filled with cool appliances. Take note of the black circles they are for cooking food. The vent hood is the square vertical piece and the sink with a faucet that rises. Not bad at all.

Eggersmann The Other Side

Bet you would not have guessed that the display had a motor which could turn the stone kitchen into a cocktail bar with a TV for games etc?

Eggersmann Open

This guy in the suit was in almost every showroom I visited. Not sure if I was being followed or what. Anyway here is the open version of Eggersman’s stone display.


Eggersmann had some very sharp show displays. In this display Eggersmann had bonded stone to the drawers and doors. The doors behind move by remote as you will see in the next shot! One very cool display!!

Traditional Kitchen

I once had a conversation with a German designer about traditional old school kitchens cabinets. I asked ,”why is it that the German kitchen manufacturers don’t offer more of a farm house old school style kitchen cabinet? Her answer was “because we don’t have a lot of farmers in Germany and they are the only ones who would buy that type of kitchen.” Perfect!! So why do we, as Americans, keep trying to put grandmas farm house kitchen in our homes?

For the Farmers

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  • Date: Oct 22, 2010


Leicht Alno Poggenpohl Etc

All the Euro brands do old school kitchens. The finishes on the doors are flawless.

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