Poggenpohl Simple and Elegant Look

This display at the Poggenpohl Haus Fair caught my eye. Not much to it but it is all there and then some!

Poggenpohl Simple Sink

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  • Date: Sep 30, 2010


The sink with this kitchen was worth a second look. I have found that a lot of European companies are trending toward using very thin Corian or other surfaces ,13mm or 1/2″, on their displays to get a very sleek line.

Poggenpohl Again


Another Look at Poggenpohl

The next few shots are all the new and some old shots from the Poggenpohl Haus Messe

Poggenpohl Porsche Design

This has been out for a couple of years but the Porsche design for this company is one nice kitchen!!! The drawer detailing alone is enough to draw a WOW from almost any designer

Poggenpohl Porsche Drawer Detail



Leicht Haus Fair

These guys did the Haus Fair right. What a classy company. Everyone, from the person at the front desk, to the world marketing manager, to the CEO of the company. They were one of the most impressive companies at the Fair!!


I have just returned from a Haus Fair in Germany. Leicht, SieMatic, Poggenpohl, Alno and 30 other high and low end kitchen manufactureres get together each year to show the best new features and products which make German kitchen the best in the world.

Off To See The Pope

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  • Date: Sep 17, 2010

I will be out of the office for a week. I will return with more new kitchen hip stuff from the Haus Messes in Germany.

Check back on the 24th or 25th,


Big Drawer

This company was showing very large drawers. It was probably the most
stable 1800mm drawer I have ever seen. No wobble at all. Nice….

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