Salvarani Another Look


Salvarani Work Cook


This was another great idea from the Cake On A Stick folks at Salvarani. This was one of the best work home office and cook at the same time ideas. I would actually like to work and cook here. Normally I want to separate the two but this really worked for me.


This is the unit open with my favoite new cookpot by Franke. I really like the blend with the white and stainless steel VERY cool!!

Salvarani Cooktop

This was a great cooktop brought to you by the cake on a stick folks. This was a really good one IMO.

Salvarani Storage Shelf

This kitchen group had some very impressive displays.

Salvarani Cake Stick


This a new view of the cake sticks by Salvarani. Look at the arrow with “hole” written by it.

Stainless steel tubes with screw ends are fitted into the holes in the counter-tops. This supports

the cake plate. I want to include this into my next kitchen design.

Salvarani Cake and Bake

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  • Date: Aug 23, 2010


This was one of the most simple and fun ideas which I saw in Milan.

Great Prep Island

This is another view of the island, the cooktop and how it all fits in with the prep area. Add a sink please!

Island Veiw

The location of the cook top from a different view. As I have said this makes a wonderful prep area.

Long and Sleek

I thought this was a great way to make your island a great prep area. I dont like the cabinets but the idea was really a good one.

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