This is the family use side of a pretty simple kitchen. The funny part about this kitchen? This is the best look of the whole thing. I really love the way the architect has included a seating area with a simple wooden bench and a low eye line book shelf/storage unit to soften the design. In tomorrows post, Kitchen Hipsters, we will see the other side of the kitchen…….


Hipsters you will have to look closely to get all the very simple design points at work here. When you figure them out let me know……I like this but it would have to be in the right situation.

One problem with minimal homes and kitchens? Every thing has to be perfect because even the smallest perfection is a glaring error. Contemporary or modern is the toughest type of construction to do well.


Simple Panels

This was probably tougher to build than to plan. The cabinet doors are very tightly and evenly placed. Every thing has to be perfect in order to make this work. The result is a very cool back panel bank that looks very nice. Each panel opens for storage. It is a little commercial but could be great in the right element.


Cabinet Colors

Everyone but me? You might have seen this before….but now you will revisit it as I have the word processor. I like the use of basic colors in conjunction with the white shown here. It is an accent I just have not thought about. It is fresh and a nice look for your spring kitchen.


Warmth With Wood


This kitchen just made me feel good. I liked the use of wood. I especially liked the heavy bar top for conversation with the cook. I am not sure but I might be inclined to stab people folks who talk to much while I am cooking, but….. a nice bottle of wine could cure that urge. The use of glass uppers and lighting on the top row of the was just enough. I also liked the use of the wicker bar stools.

Big Long Handles


These handles are something that I have been looking at and cannot make up my mind about. Do I like them or not? Why don’t you comment on it Hipsters and

we will take a poll? Yes or No?

Olympian Kitchen


This is a runners kitchen. You can see the little guys flying across the sink back-splash. My idea would be to mark each day that I ran with a grease pencil and the time taken for the run. Then I would grab my blender, on the wall, and mix up a healthy veggie drink. (Ok… its not the best kitchen in the world but it appeals to some of us?)

That Oven Thing


This is a novel way to handle a double oven situation. The company just wrapped it in cabinet material and mounted it into the wall. I, for one, like it!

Kitchen Aid And All


This is the other end of the kitchen posted below. It gives you a better view of the entertainment end of the kitchen. The family style table and the Kitchen Aid refrigerator and wine chiller.

I think this appeals to me because it can be used as a comfortable galley style kitchen or a really huge show island kitchen that opens to a family area. The framed French doors, give us a peek at the outdoors. This causes my imagination wander, with dreams of a wonderful small backyard space or a large expansive lawn and swimming pool.

One Of The Best Kitchen Ideas

Sometimes ideas take us just where we want to go. This particular kitchen did that for me. Note the French doors and how the kitchen wraps around them. It brings the outside in but in a subtle way. There is open space above, for the “stuff”that we want to see. There is also storage for the “stuff” we want to hide. The huge American style refrigerator is in the “show” position. We even have an oversized island for cooking and entertaining. There is also family style table at the end of the island. The designer has even thought enough about this to put two side by side ovens right where we want them.


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