Ceramic Doors

This is a pretty cool ceramic door for a kitchen from Germany. I am not a fan of the door colors being used on EVERY Door in the kitchen. They went a little to rustic for me with the back splash and the stump stools all looking like a barn. I dont live in one and neither do most Germans.


Subtle Glass


This appeals to me because I love the idea of displaying shapes rather than items in my kitchen cabinets. The problem is I don’t like the dirt and dust showing. This smoked glass gives me the time to watch a nice violent hockey game and NOT have to dust very often. I can keep it clean, sort of, and still have it look good.

What Are They Looking At?


Ok hipsters check out the women in the corner. Do you see them? They have cornered the designer of this kitchen and are kicking him. I couldn’t believe it because I kind of liked the suspended storage units along the back wall. This kitchen also had a suspended refrigerator on the left side. Very cool considerinig the weight of a refrigerator. I like the shelving too, but it is a little clumsy in the application. As I have said before you can always take a little tiny kernel of gold from each kitchen….

ESPN Highlights


This is a perfect example of not every kitchen can be shown on ESPN Highlights…Someone hit this with the UGLY Stick!!! I am pretty sure the woman shown in this photo was taken to the hospital for heavy sedation after this viewing. You can see the body of the woman who viewed this kitchen first. She passed out. See her in the right hand corner this post. Her legs are sticking out? Sad.


This is the space that handles all your storage needs in about 72″ or 182 cm. There is a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and pantry. I didnt even bother to shoot the upper units which also house major storage options. So if you have a small loft or galley kitchen this is the answer you have been looking for!!!




For those of you who want to maximize storage this is one way to get EVERYTHING in one small space and have it look like nothing is there.

Broccoli Farming


This is a novel yet innovative idea. A hydroponic broccoli farm in your kitchen. Yep they have done it!!! For around $1,500 you can have your very own hydroponic broccoli farm. It comes with grow lights, tunnel baths for water and energy efficient pump motors to keep the growing medium (nutrient water) recirculated into the system. The bad news is that you can only grow 4 plants at a time. As it takes 90 days for a plant to fully mature, you can have broccoli only once a month.

The Ladder

Call me crazy, but I like ladders in libraries and kitchens. I would probably never use one of them, but they do look cool.


Especially if they have those little wheels that you can roll around the room on.

Black With Green Plant

What does this post title have to do with anything?? Hell if I know,


but I liked the kitchen.

Book Shelves


Something we as kitchen designers sometimes over look, the bookshelves… Well at least I do. This is a great example of a bookshelf/room divider.
It is a nice way to leave a room with an open feel but still supply much needed storage in an artful way.

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