This Kitchen Has To Get A RESPONSE


I could live and die right in this kitchen. I even like the goofy round fish bowl on the dining room table!!! Talk about a fun place to live. Cook by the pool, read a book and hang out with friends if you guys don’t like this you have some Kitchen Geek SCREWS loose!

More Kitchens For The Thirsty Geek

I think these are just look and enjoy shots! There is something very peaceful about books and food. This should calm almost anyones nerves.Ok maybe I got caught up in the books and food thing. I like almost everything here except for the cone legs I am not feeling them at all.


Do We Live In A Barn?

I saw this at the September Haus Faire in Europe. The barn siding look seems old and dated. It is not the type of thing that I would believe a company would show as a new design idea or new door style but….. there it was. It made me feel like the shabby chic crew might have been trying for a comeback? Was this not a look that was popular
around the late 90’s?

Agro Kitchen

There seems to be a “growing” interest in planting fresh herbs, indoors, for the family meals. <—get it …..Anyway… many kitchen cabinet companies have spent untold millions trying to convince us that grow lights and hydroponic herb farms should be a part of our newest kitchen designs. I may be the odd man out in this battle but our family has trouble keeping up with easy to grow house plants. We have tried basil indoors with mixed results. The major problem is how much basil is enough for a family? Even when we do a lot of cooking the plant grows far faster than our need for the herb. I have been toying with the idea of changing our indoor herb farm into a pot farm. At least then our kitchen would be a profit center rather than a dead sad little brown herb farm dripping leaves on our counter tops. We might even be able to grow enough to pay for our Ralphs bill. Let me know your thoughts on this subject. Press the comment button and write away!!!

Roll It Out

Roll out cabinets..I like them but things do move around when they are slammed.

Men Telling Men Open Shelves Are Cool

Here we have an example of a group of German guys standing around telling each other that open shelves are cool. They even have live plants something that you almost never see in any real home. These guys even have open shelves that roll out so that you can water the plants away from the kitchen and not stain the cabinets!

Women Hate Them

Open shelves. ALL WOMEN HATE THEM! Why? They are soooo very cool. The husband says….All your neat pots and pans can be displayed. Dishes and copper things all should be shown according to most men surveyed. End of the open shelves in the USA…Ok maybe a couple just to show the goodies.

Last Fun For Today


More Fun


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I just really liked this kitchen. No comments just enjoy!

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