I LOVE this Calacatta marble. Yes people I know that it has been done before by many others. That shouldn’t stop you. This stuff picks up all the colors of the kitchen and more. I wouldn’t use it every time in every kitchen. BUT…. if your going for a simple door style this marble works great!

Brown to the Max


OK Hipsters, I do not do this often, but I am on a tear!!! A posting Mad Man!! I don’t know how to describe this or why the designer of this kitchen thought to do it this way. It, as you can see, is just one giant blob of mottled brown.

Glass Top


This is a close up of the island. They have used a glass counter top and 12″ inset hob burners that are made by Gaggenau. I like the way they break up the glass surface. In this way there is not one LARGE 36″ + burner making a huge statement on the top. Because the hobs are small, they give the illusion of more surface area, even though the same or even a larger burner area is being used.

A Formal Approach Close Up


This is a close up of the kitchen shown below. Note the glossy wood cabinet doors. The finish is flawless. Want to know why? Doors are tempered glass over a walnut finish! Cool huh?

A Formal Approach


I have always liked black glass kitchens. I do like the way they have broken this up with a wood finish. We have some beautiful black matte glass doors with an aluminum edge that I can not wait to use for someones loft!

Knitting In The Kitchen

Here we have an interesting innovation from Germany. Each kitchen has an automated knitting machine that is built into the island. See the rug in the foreground and the balls of yarn on the counter tops? Now you know!
I like the choice of colors here. I also like the use of textures. The barn siding on the walls, the matte island. The island is a matte petroleum (the truth) and the wall units are a simple white. Also of note are the LED strips lighting up the


Why Are These People Looking Away From The Light??

I don’t know. High powered LED mind altering rays? I will ask in September when I see them.


Very Nice Look And They Have A Ladder!!!

Those of you who have read this blog for a while know that I am a sucker for ladders in my kitchens. Thus the new and recycled Finn kitchen from Alno with a ladder!!! If you have seen it in a prior post……here it is again.


Cups and Saucers

Hi Hipsters! I liked this kitchen just for the colors and the soothing feel. What I am not quite sure of are the glass enclosures on the counter top. They are using them to store their cups and saucers. Does the company sell this stuff? Nah… just pulling on your legs!! Those are terrariums and for the life of me I cannot figure out why they picked them to store cups….


Your Close Up Ms Cabinet


Here is a close up of the door style seen below. I just dont see myself wanting to be in this kitchen every morning. I could handle it in small doses. It might make an interesting set up in a garage or loft but still as an accent not the Big Enchilada. Any of you Forest Buellers wish to comment?

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