The Leicht Light Box Inside and Out


This Was Alno’s Last Attempt


Bamboo Boo


Enough already.

This could have been a great kitchen. The cabinets are very well done and it has a good feel to it. With stratigic placement of bamboo they could have done wonderful things with this kitchen!

Bamboo Gone Nuts


While bamboo is wonderful as a renewable resource. There is a problem when you are using to much bamboo in one room. Tempered this is a great kitchen. Just not on the floor, walls and the cabinets.

Big Ass Fan

This is a great product for moving large quantities of air around a large loft or space.


Sometimes We Need Steampunk

I don’t know why I am posting these on a kitchen blog but thought that it might wake you up.

Comment and ask questions!!! Thats why we are here!!!


Anyone For RED


Italian Rail

Lineaquattro does a very nice job with this rail. I like the way they have kept everything refined. A rail in a kitchen can

really liven up a boring backsplash as well as keeping thing organized and well presented


Touchscreen SieMatic


This is something that is very cool. SieMatic offers a touchscreen multimedia center. You can get news, weather, start a recipe database, show pictures of the family, take in a movie, listen to tunes or just watch the tube and veggie out. The price is not cheap but by the time you price and parts stuff out, do your own install, build your own cabinet you would probably end up in the same place and it would not look half as cool as this does.



Although this is a small kitchen by American standards Nobilia has used a nice vent hood. It is room venting with a carbon filter that can be washed in the dishwasher. Europeans use room venting hoods because most of their buildings are block, stone or brick and the landlords frown on cutting holes in solid walls of their buildings. They are also great because you can move the cook top around without cutting holes every time you decide to change the location. We have one of these vent hoods manufactured by Faber in our showroom. They are safe because you don’t cut your head open every time you lean forward to stir the pot. By code vent hoods have to be 36″ off the counter top. Just the right height to open up your scalp. Another thing we have discovered is that Faber makes a very efficient vent hood. We have used it for large events where our chef is doing a lot wok cooking and it is my belief that the Faber vent hood is every bit as good as a vent hood which vents to the outside.

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