Who Is This Guy??


This guy showed up on one of the tours. No one knew who he was. I am pretty sure he was a coffee cup designer. He spent the better part of an hour explaining how wonderful his new cup handle was. I don’t know about you KITCHEN HIPSTERS but I couldn’t care less about the mathematics of a coffee cup handle and I really didn’t see much of a change from last years display. I was really pretty bored but didn’t want to miss the buffet table and the booze so I kept my mouth shut.


Here is the door that goes with the light that goes with the kitchen that Leicht built…Ok I went

to far. I do however like the texture of this door. It is subtle and not to flashy. It maintains the color

without being in your face. I might have said that in the first sentence but I like both so I used them. ;)

Comments anyone? Come on guys and gals I know your reading my crazyness comment!


This Kitchen Has To Get A RESPONSE


I could live and die right in this kitchen. I even like the goofy round fish bowl on the dining room table!!! Talk about a fun place to live. Cook by the pool, read a book and hang out with friends if you guys don’t like this you have some Kitchen Geek SCREWS loose!

Back To Kitchens

I love the thin line of the vent hood. Old idea…but it makes me happy! Yes… I have been working to hard and I am cracking myself up.


More and More and …..

You know dear sweet readers, YOU, can press the comment button any time you like. What do you think of me offering to post kitchen shots from readers? Anybody Bueller? This is the part where you the reader says “HEY!! Kitchen Hip Geek Guy we (the readers) would love to see some of our kitchens posted…except don’t post any rotten stuff. You Kitchen Hip Geek Guy can judge what goes on your blog!!!”

More Kitchens For The Thirsty Geek

I think these are just look and enjoy shots! There is something very peaceful about books and food. This should calm almost anyones nerves.Ok maybe I got caught up in the books and food thing. I like almost everything here except for the cone legs I am not feeling them at all.



More Drawers


Carbon Fiber Inside

For any Kitchen Hip Kitchen Geek the real details of a kitchen are sometimes found inside the box. Here is the carbon fiber door that I took 20 shots of


Because Peanuts I Like It

Argue if you will but I liked this kitchen!


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